Pre Fixed InsulAPE

In pre-fixed situations the InsulAPE is either clipped or temporarily glued to the inside of the concrete formwork before the concrete pour. The pour can then continue as normal and when the formwork is removed the edge is already finished with no requirement for another trade afterwards. As the product is prefinished it is also protected against accidental damage on site by the concrete pourers

The profile that we use for post-fixed situations is in most situations different from the profile that we use for pre-pour installations. Therefore you cannot order a pre-pour InsulAPE product and then decide to post fix it in most cases. 

The main advantage of pre installing InsulAPE is that once it is in the concrete boxing then you don't have to do anything different to a standard concrete pour and once the boxing comes down the slab is already insulated. This means that you don't have to get any trades to come back and (i) install foam edge insulation and (ii) mesh, plaster and paint that foam on site.

Advantages of Pre Fix
Disadvantages of Pre Fix

The main disadvantage of pre installing InsulAPE is that in 90mm timber framed walls care needs to be taking when fixing the bottom plate to ensure that the bolt fixing detail meets building code.

Lead Time

Please allow at least 3 weeks lead time for manufacture once an order has been placed.

Product Details

For our InsulAPE projects we provide a custom design service where we will work out the most cost effective design to suit a foundation and then provide a set of numbered items that can be installed to suit around the formwork.


We typically manufacture in standard lengths of 2.4m and also provide special reinforced corners pieces for the internal and external corners of the foundation. We also utilise a special, proprietary aluminium joiner to lock the 2.4m lengths together.

InsulAPE Corner