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Post Fixed InsulAPE

"We have a special, proprietary bonding adhesive that we use to post-fix InsulAPE to existing concrete foundations"

Our system means InsulAPE can be installed to the external face of new and existing concrete slabs in a post-fix situation.  For new concrete slabs sometimes site programming, or other reasons, mean that InsulAPE cannot be be installed before the slab is going to be poured. In situations such as these we can return to site after the slab has been poured, or even after the entire house has been constructed, and retrofit InsulAPE to the edge of the slab. 


We have a special, proprietary bonding adhesive that we use to post-fix InsulAPE to existing concrete foundations. 

The profile that we use for post-fixed situations is in most situations different from the profile that we use for pre-pour installations. Therefore you cannot order a pre-pour InsulAPE product and then decide to post fix it in most cases. 

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Advantages of Post Fix

The main advantages of post-fixing InsulAPE are;

  • the slab and wall framing can continue traditionally, with no potential conflicts on bottom plate bolt clearances.

  • Less chance of damage from digging required for drainage etc. The best time to install is after any scaffolding is down and cladding is fitted.

  • Ideal for external insulation systems, aligning the wall insulation to slab insulation on the same plane.

  • Continuous adhesion with a specialised plastering system for external XPS application to the concrete slab face.   Where adhered to vapour control layers or other membranes, construction adhesion (water-based may be applied).

Disadvantages of Post Fix

The main disadvantage of post fixing InsulAPE is that the insulation will protrude 30mm for XPS foam out from the edge of the concrete slab and this can conflict with the 20mm cavity on most types of clad houses (with the exception of brick) . Therefore the height of the InsulAPE will need to be reduced by 20mm in these types of situations to allow the cavity to drain (Building Code requirement) and this therefore may result in an area of uninsulated concrete slab that provides a thermal bridge to outside conditioned air and resultant heat loss through the slab. Consideration regarding design and placement is required by the design/architects for the project

Lead Time

Please allow at least 3 weeks lead time for manufacturing once order placed.

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