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28 Kenyon Ave

The Baillie House in Kenyon Ave was our first installation of InsulAPE. The client was very interested in ensuring that the new home he built was warm and comfortable for his family and therefore took the unusual for Auckland step of deciding to insulate the edge of his concrete slab.


The client is targeting a high Homestar Rating on his new dwelling and InsulAPE will help him in achieving that target. If you are interested in seeing more on how our client is developing his home please take a look at his facebook page here:


The client chose to use XPS insulation* and to install InsulAPE before the concrete pour.


*Knauf Climafoam supplied by Eco Insulation

InsulAPE corner, specially designed and manufactured off-site to fit into concrete boxing.

InsulAPE corners, reinforced with plastic corners for mechanical protection and pre-plastered and painted

InsulAPE corner ready to slot into its position in the foundation boxing.

InsulAPE corner installed against foundation boxing, ready for concrete to be poured.

InsulAPE corner with rebate for sliding doors.

InsulAPE straight length installed against foundation boxing, ready for concrete to be poured

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